About the Blue-Eyed Dreamer

– Kristina Innemee

“As someone who has been secretly writing her whole life, it’s been a huge milestone for me to bring forth the reality of creating a website and writing about topics I would like to read. As a model, actress, traveller, basketball player and someone who works hard at making healthy choices, I do my best to understand what is happening in the world and share my experiences, findings and thoughts with you all. Fear is our greatest enemy, and mine too. We base so many of our experiences on whether or not they will work, or more commonly if they will work out exactly as we hope they will. I learn more and more that life takes us up and down and all around. We have to allow for these flows to happen and bring them in with open arms. At the same time, it is important to continually learn and constantly grow with these experiences. Try to keep understanding life in all of its crazy ass glory. This experience for me is about sharing what I know, in a simple, positive and inspiring way. We are judged far too often, so building this platform is like opening a little non-judgmental world in which we can all learn about topics we want or need to learn about. This world is ever changing in its constant flow of information and I’m just here to try and make it simple for you.”

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